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Is market america a good company?

On One Hand: It's an MLMMLM (multi-level marketing) is a business model where customers are encouraged to sell the product they buy. They are also encouraged to get friends and acquaintances to become customers and sales representatives. MLMs have earned a bad reputation over the decades because they often overemphasize the possible profits without giving a realistic report of the expense and time commitment necessary to succeed.

On the Other: It Seems to Be a Legitimate MLMAccording to business consultant Dave Trosdahl, Market America seems to operate as a legitimate MLM. They give solid support and realistic information to representatives. Although only a small minority get very wealthy, it is a legitimate and honest opportunity to grow your own business. One key component of this is that, beyond an initial membership purchase, Market America does not require minimum monthly orders like many of the less-reputable MLMs.

Bottom LineMarket America is an MLM, but appears to be a legitimate opportunity as MLMs go. It's not a way to get rich quick, but can realistically be turned into a successful small business. Market America, Scam or Not?

Ben Cohn, Market America Representative, Hillsboro, OR

Courtney Rogers, Former beachbody home business Market America Representative, Beaverton, OR

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Getting trim with the tummy toners.

In March last year, we asked for volunteers to try out some of the special gadgets on the market which claim to trim excess flab off the stomach.

We were inundated with volunteers and picked three women, unhappy with their midriffs, to try out the very latest home equipment requiring varying degrees of effort.

All manufacturers claim if used properly, results can be seen within weeks, but did the devices really live up to the hype? Here's how our volunteers got on with putting their tums through the mill.


DEBBIE Ridley is a police officer from Prudhoe with two children Megan, four, and Aaron, three.

The 28-year-old, who is married to Steve, 38, also a police officer, is 5ft 6in and weighed about 10 stones. She was working out at a p90x3 gym in Prudhoe three times a week.

Her arms and legs were fairly toned but since having her babies she found it hard to get her formerly flat stomach back.

She felt the Slendertone device would help to tone up her midriff and is pleased with the results.

She said: "It was good. I used it before I went on holiday to Majorca last summer and I could feel the difference.

"I was using it most nights for about 20 minutes at a go. I have stayed pretty much the same shape but my stomach feels much firmer.

"It's very easy to use. It's just a case of putting it on, adjusting it to the right place and pressing the start button. It feels as if your muscles are working.

"Once it is on, you can forget about it and get on with other things like washing dishes or watching telly.

"The only downside is that it is quite expensive to buy. But if people are willing to spend money on something like this, it is good."

Slendertone doesn't require any exercise. It works by simply strapping it to the stomach.

Manufacturers claim it works by stimulating nerves which control and contract the muscles fibres.

Slendertone costs pounds 156, which can be paid in three instalments. Go to

Debbie's verdict: 8/10.


GILLIAN Spedding is a full-time mum of twins Jack and Luke, three, and Brian, six. She tried out John Lewis's Weider Abdominal Cruncher to get a flatter stomach.

The 33-year-old, of Raby Way, Walker, Newcastle, who is married to Brian, 54, has never been the same since she had her twins.

Gillian is 5ft 4in and was always eight and a half stones until getting pregnant. She was hoping to shift the extra pounds around her bum and belly since having the babies.

Unfortunately she has not had much time to try out the exerciser. She and her husband are trying to start a new business and have less spare time on their hands.

She said: "In the beginning I used it quite regularly. I exercised about once a day for half an hour. It's great for the stomach muscles.

"But at the moment I am running back and forwards to toddler groups and schools and doing chores.

"Even with having the exerciser in the house, I still found it difficult to find the time. My youngsters get up at 5.30am so I'm absolutely shattered by 9pm.

"If I had the time, it could have been really good. I enjoyed doing it."

The Weider abdominal crunch shaper is said to tone and sculpt the abdominal muscles.

It also folds up and can be easily stored or transported. It comes with a mat and training video.

More than 12 exercises can be done with the equipment and the blurb claims its ergonomic design protects the neck from injury.

It costs pounds 29.95. Go to

Gillian's verdict: 8/10.


LYNDA Gatoff weight loss runs Fenham's camera shop in Newcastle with her husband Peter, 56. She has two children Jamie, 28, and Carly, 26.

She took up the challenge to tone up her tum in time for her daughter's wedding last August and she says she saw a big difference.

She is 5ft 7in and weighed about eight and a half stones but admits she has put on a little bit of weight since then.

She goes to the get ripped gym three or four times a week for aerobics and managed to continue using the gym ball until Christmas.

The ball came with an exercise manual. She used it several times a week for 10 to 15 minutes a day.

She said: "I wanted to try out the ball because I wanted to flatten my tummy. It was very good and easy to use.

"It did work for me and I was in shape for my daughter's wedding.

"Now I will be taking it up again to tone up for my niece's wedding.

"But I think you could not get a flat tummy by using the ball alone, without extra exercise and looking after your diet.

"There was no video with it so I had to ask my gym instructor about what exercises to do.

"It's a nuisance to store because it is a great big ball. But I would definitely recommend it to others."

Gym balls are especially recommended for toning the stomach because the legs can be placed on them while doing sit-ups. The extra elevation is said to work the muscles harder.

The Reebok ball comes with an exercise chart and just needs to be inflated.

It costs pounds 9.95 and is available at Argos.

Lynda's verdict: 8/10 if used regularly.


No portion of this article can be reproduced without the express written permission from the copyright holder.

Copyright 2003 Gale, Cengage Learning. All rights reserved.

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BeachBody Products: Making America Fit!

In our world of technology, I have discovered that the iPhone diet or iPod Touch can quite easily be your better pal while sweating it out in the gym and also the following apps can assist you to have inside the best form of your life. She'll help you obtain leaner with exercises that burn as much as 9x more fat and calories than regular cardio does. She'll help you get leaner with exercises that burn up to 9x more fat and calories than regular cardio does. If it holds true that Turbo Fire is really a cardio workout we is going to be able to complete an apples to apples comparison on which is the better workout. There is definitely a new gadget or latest trend in exercise that you can give.

Fortunately, there is certainly an iPhone application which will enable you to get ripped without the duty of adding an extra expense to your fitness bill; which is the "FitnessBuilder".  Including cardio, core and strenth workouts. It will truly help you lose weight fast  It is certainly an awesome product.

Chalene will give you step-by-step instructions on how you can use this program. . If you're trying to locate a way to take your game for the next stage, interval training is absolutely what you will want. Chalene Johnson's Turbo Fire Review - High Intensity Interval Training (HIITS) To turbofire mom Melt Away Fat!.

To learn more about TurboFire or to purchase TurboFire. "Your HGH levels just normally actually starts to minimize after you achieve your 30s" Chalene says, "but Turbo Fire Afterburn Result Workout routines might cause one's body to supply 53% more HGH. It is bound to help you lose weight fast  It is unquestionably an awesome product.

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The Basics Of Cardio Training

When someone covers 'working out' they are usually referring to certainly one of two different possible types, either aerobic style workouts or weight/strength/resistance training.  It isn't any wonder it can get confused using the wrong thing or interpreted as a different type of training.  It is not any wonder it can regularly be confused with all the wrong thing or interpreted as a different type of training.  It is not any wonder it can get confused with all the wrong thing or interpreted as a different type of training. There are a great deal of cardio exercises to choose from there are critical factors to think about when choosing the best one for you.

The second secret to success was replacing cardio with short burst interval training and resistance training to sculpt her body and help her burn more calories and fat. In contradiction to traditional cardio exercises it's enough to try and do only twenty minutes or less of HIIT training. In contradiction best transformation to traditional cardio exercises it's enough to try and do only twenty minutes or less of HIIT training. In contradiction to traditional cardio exercises it's enough to test and do only twenty minutes or less of HIIT training. Adding explosive power can also add cardio to a great deal of strength exercises.

Lean muscle versus cardio. With the hands on the hand rails and also the feet around the foot pedals, the consumer strides forward or reverse in controlled natural motion. Get a chair and do high step-ups while holding dumbbells or a medicine ball.

Dual action also is given by home ellipticals. In contradiction to traditional cardio exercises it's enough to try and do only twenty minutes or less of HIIT training. In every stage, your blood pressure, pulse and ECG are recorded. Perform this for approximately fifteen minutes in the beginning and observe how you react. People who put on weight have either sat down and done nothing with themselves to get a period of energy or they've got were built with a medical condition.

In this informative article you will learn the differences between high intensity weight training vs cardio and just how you will benefit in the huge way. Perform this for up to 15 minutes within the beginning and see how you react. The fat reducing process with cardiovascular exercise also ends shortly after you stop exercising. High intensity intervals benefit how to get ripped not only your anaerobic system, but your aerobic capacity as well. It kind of abs allows you to smile whenever you learn information such as this doesn't it?.

Start out slowly and gradually work in to a full workout. It can also produce sore muscles. You're going to complete squats, pushups, and even abdominal exercises.

Abby Campbell, BSc, SFN, SSN, CPT, is a leading professional fitness and nutrition expert, researcher, and published author.   However, if you are feeling your legs have fully recovered, then skip day 1 and go right into day 2 and train legs that day.  All of these can be done in 20 minutes.  If you're looking for any bit longer intervals 60 seconds at work 60-120 seconds rest is also a good interval to use. They are also not under the squat rack or beneath the bench with 10 plates on either end of the bar.

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Vinyasa Yoga

First, an apology. Yoga while it looks easy takes a good amount of work.   The answer, however, is dependent upon what styles you practice.

Builds strength by holding poses for different lengths of time. Not a poor angle especially if you are close up. As he puts it, "Injuries may have derailed me from my first dream, however it opened the doorway to my ultimate dream I didn't even know I had. You might be surprised to find out that you will find many different types of yoga as well as the first thing you will need to do is decide which one is right for you.

Yoga has become synonymous with stress reduction/relaxation and this is ok, but there is so much more. If you are doing Ashtanga yoga, this is hatha yoga. Malls, department stores, clothes stores, boutiques, apparel stores, etc.

Mark Fraser -Wave House Student SD, CA. Also make certain that your back is flat and you're comfortable. You obtain the possibility to practice Yoga in a right way along with effects like meditations which helps you understand construct your inner selves and consciousness. Not only that, but the mind and spirit will also be feeling wonderful as your stresses commence to melt away.

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